The Culture Factor

Ok – it’s time to be introduced to Harvard Business Review (HBR), one of the most respected, cutting edge business research publications in the world. Gaining an understanding of organisational culture and its importance in today’s workplace is an important area to explore for those aiming to enter the workplace upon graduation. The concepts discussed [...]

Strategic planning

A Club, Society or organisational strategic plan is much more than casual agreement on good ideas. Creating a strategic plan need not be and overly complicated process; but it is a “process”. The article referenced below is useful and refreshingly simple. Good ideas raised in casual conversation can indeed become included in your Club’s strategic [...]

Top 10 Leadership Skills

Leadership is a learned skill. True, some personalities may be more suitable to leadership roles, but good leaders never stop learning and seek to continuously improve their leadership skills and capabilities. There are many ways those in leadership roles can hone their skills, including: Education and training Modelling other leaders, and Mentoring Above all, leaders [...]

Good Governance

Club and Society executives often end up holding their positions as well-intended volunteers or are recruited to the position by default (no one else would do it!) No matter what the circumstances of your appointment to an executive position was, you can make the situation a valuable, life-long learning experience. To maximise your opportunity, it [...]






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