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Topic 9.7: How to delegate

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As a project manager, you will regularly need to delegate tasks.

Among other things, the project plan documents how those tasks are broken down, scheduled and resourced; but how do you know your team can actually deliver?

Having delegated the work, how much now do you need to intervene?

That all depends on the person’s readiness (R) for delegation.

Readiness is a function of their willingness and ability to make a decision and/or perform a task.

A dog lying upside down
Even project managers have days like these

That said, a person will have inevitably have multiplesimultaneous states of readiness that depend on the circumstances of the project and the tasks assigned to them.

Willingness especially can fluctuate from day to day and often due to factors that are well outside your control.

The project manager’s skill lies in being alert to and recognising these often subtle variations and contextualising their response appropriately.

Infographic of the delegation level
The hierarchy of delegation

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