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Unit 3: Choosing the Right Project

“A generation is not defined by the options it has, but by the choices it makes” - Sharanya Haridas

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To this point we have looked at what projects are, how they fit within organisations, and who they impact.

With that knowledge, we are now ready to initiate a real project.

But remember what we said in the introduction to this Module – a project doesn’t start with a plan; as with all innovations, a project actually starts with an idea.

Initiation is the process of taking that idea and testing it under stress to as definitively as possible answer the following questions:

  • What is the problem are we solving?
  • Is there a better way to solve this problem (or does the problem need solving at all)?
  • Are we the best ones to solve it, and
  • How will we know when the problem is solved?

These seem like obvious questions for every organisation to ask of their projects, don’t they?

Unfortunately, all too often individuals and organisations either assume they know the answers or get so excited by the awesomeness of their idea that they forget to ask them at all.

Even if you are never officially responsible for initiation as a project manager, being able to understand and communicate the process to others will make an immeasurable difference to your projects and performance.

After all, there is no point in doing the project right (project management) if we are not doing the right project!

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