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Unit 1: Project Frameworks

Answering the great question of our time, what is the best project management methodology?

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Hello, and welcome to the wonderful world of project management!

Before we get started on the ‘management’ of projects, let’s take a moment to consider what a project actually is – or, to use the jargon of project management, define the scope of what we are talking about.

In this Unit, we start poking at projects from a number of different angles before properly opening them up and exploring them.

We look at what makes projects unique, how they live and breathe, and their relationship to the ongoing operations of an organisation, or ‘business-as-usual’.

We also introduce some of the language specific to project management and road-test a few of the better-known methodologies.

So find a quiet space, grab a comfy chair, and join us on the path to project success!

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