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Topic 1.2: Projects and operations

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Business as usual describes the day-to-day activities of an organisation, and can be visualised as follows…

To give it some context, this course – this project – you are undertaking is no doubt linked (either consciously or otherwise) to one or more of your personal and/or professional objectives.

Actually, why are you here?

If you haven’t already done so, think about and write your study objectives down on a piece of paper and stick it by your work or learning space.

What are the opportunities you are hoping to realise?

Depending on your end-point, you will receive as an output a certificate, professional accreditation or government-endorsed qualification.

Importantly, though, the outcomes of your study project will be many of those things we described before – new knowledge, skills, and networks; positive changes to your attitude and behaviour; and, innumerable lessons learned.

All of which you should be able to translate into a more productive and profitable career!

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