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Unit 2: Project Stakeholders

"A stakeholder by another name is a fork" - Dad joke #27

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A project stakeholder is any individual, group or organisation who…

  • …can influence (and/or)
  • …is impacted by (and/or)
  • …is (or would be) interested in…

…a decision, activity or outcome of the project.

Before embarking on a project, it is vital to understand who your stakeholders are and how best to engage with them.

There is nothing worse than getting half-way through delivery, all of a sudden hearing from someone you hadn’t considered, and being forced to change direction as a result.

Why does that matter?

As we said in the last Unit, the further you get into your project – through initiation, planning and into delivery – the harder (and more expensive) it is to change course.

In this unit we ask (and answer):

  • Who are the stakeholders typical to most projects,
  • How can we classify and prioritise them, and (perhaps most importantly)
  • When and how should we engage with them?

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