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Topic 2.5: Indirect stakeholders

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Indirect stakeholders are not involved in, but are impacted by project delivery.

They may also have considerable influence over the project, even if they do not choose to exercise it.

As such, they should be specifically identified by name and organisation – the categories listed in the taxonomy below are just a quick reference to get you started.


Remember, too, that the easiest way to identify all your stakeholders is to… ask your other stakeholders!

Given all the interests in play, you might imagine stakeholder management to be a complex and often difficult process.

When we include vague categories such as the community in this reckoning, we must wonder: is everyone a stakeholder?

Potentially – yes!

So how do we manage the often conflicting expectations of these incredibly diverse groups?

More provocatively, are some stakeholders more important than others?

This is something we will look at in the next topic.

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