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Topic 2.10: The stakeholder register

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Comprehensive stakeholder management is necessary at every stage of a project's life.

The stakeholder register is therefore one of the first project documents we produce and one of the last ones to be retired.

A good stakeholder register will have the following information about each stakeholder.

  • The stakeholder's name and contact information
  • The organisation they represent
  • Their relationship to the project (for example, sponsor)

  • Their level of power over the project
  • Their level of interest in the project
  • Your preferred engagement strategy

  • Their expectations of the project
  • The value they can deliver to the project
  • Their preferred communication methods

You should also layout your stakeholder taxonomy, so that untrained users can decode what you mean by, for example, the sponsor or governance group.

Definition of your prioritisation and engagement strategies is equally important; after all, your view of ‘high’ power might be quite different to mine!

A great stakeholder register also doubles as a communication plan for the project.

By keeping records of each contact linked to individual stakeholders, you can more efficiently manage your stakeholder time and effort.

Modern customer relationship management (CRM) software, such as Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics, is ideal for this.

Or you could just talk to each other...

For the rest of us, a sample stakeholder register that is free to download, use and share can be found on the Institute of Project Management website.

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