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Module 3: Project Delivery & Close

"Everyone has a plan until they are punched in the face" - Mike Tyson

At its heart, the project management plan is little more than a series of time, cost and scope benchmarks that you can use to monitor performance.

The risk management process overlays on this a series of hypothetical controls.

In this Module we are going to introduce some of the tools, techniques and processes you can apply to monitor and manage your projects.

Be warned, though – there is a bit of maths ahead, so we’ll try to keep our explanations as simple and as practical as possible!

Before we get there, though, we are going to take a couple of Units to reflect on what managing and leading projects looks like.

Leading project stakeholders is actually a complex activity in itself, above and beyond the technical skills of preparing schedules, budgets and risk management plans.

We will show you how to:

  • Manage the performance of your project team
  • Make timely and effective decisions
  • Communicate those decisions to stakeholders at every level
  • Leverage conflict, converting creative tension in productivity gains, and
  • Drive the innovation necessary for your unique undertaking to succeed.

Finally, we will visit the critically important but often overlooked processes necessary to successfully close projects.

Beyond handing the outputs off to the client, this involves capturing lessons learned and, at the personal and organisational levels, continually improving how we do things.

Our ultimate aim is to build and maintain a culture of project excellence in our workplaces and communities of practice.

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