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7 Things You Need to Know to Lead Community Projects

Community projects are initiatives, activities, or programs aimed at improving the well-being of a particular community or solving issues within it.

These projects can cover a wide range of areas, such as sport, education, healthcare, environmental sustainability, poverty alleviation, or cultural development, among others.

Whatever you create in your community, you need to know how to effectively and efficiently lead a diverse and complex mix of stakeholders to successfully complete your project.

This introductory Masterclass is an ideal starting point if you need to contribute to or manage projects in your commnity, while not necessarily being a formally trained project manager.

It is also suitable if you are considering undertaking a project in the near future and are seeking to learn and apply essential project management knowledge and skills.

What are the 7 things I need to know?

  1. Everything, everywhere
  2. Why no one cares what you think
  3. Do more – meet less
  4. When to micro-manage
  5. Veni vidi vici
  6. Just say yes
  7. The definition of insanity

Thank you also for the free project management resources provided. I myself have found them very valuable to both to how I learnt during the course by using them for practice but also now that I have finished I am using five (5) of the templates on a regular basis.
JESS N.Local Government Officer

Who will be teaching me?

Prior to co-founding the Institute of Project Management, Paul Muller enjoyed 15 years of senior management experience across Australia, Asia and Europe in a wide range of project-driven businesses. He currently advises a diverse community of public, private and not-for-profit organisations on management issues relating to strategy, risk, projects, operations, marketing and people.

A published author, he has pioneered new approaches to research in volunteering, sport and the creative industries, and has presented his unique perspective on value as a keynote speaker at a number of international conferences and events.

Like all our Certified Project Trainers, Paul is:

  • a proven industry expert with a minimum of 10 years’ practical experience in leading complex projects, programs and portfolios of work
  • an inspiring communicator
  • a creative and critical thinker, and
  • a trained educator, facilitator and mentor.

Importantly, he is not a professional lecturer who has only learned project management from text-books and classrooms.

Paul superimposes a wealth of project skill and experience from all stakeholder perspectives that brings project management to life.

Where and when is the Masterclass?

The Masterclass will be hosted online (via Zoom) on Thursday, October 26.

It will commence at 2:30pm and run until 4pm (India Standard Time).

Please confirm the time in your local region.

You will receive the link to join the workshop upon registration.

I would like to specifically comment that the training I received has really enhanced my skills in project management. Upon my return, I joined the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Program with United Nations in PNG where I am currently backstopping the National Coordinator in coordinating many small projects in the country who are our grant recipient. I enjoyed my job with no difficulty and I commend the training.
JENNY W.United Nations Development Program


Nov 29, 2023


India Standard Time
2:30 pm - 4:00 pm







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