Integration partners

You can download here the latest units for integration into your own xAPI (TinCan) or SCORM 1.2 compatible LMS.

These resources are provided free of charge by the Institute of Project Management under a GNU General Public License.

By downloading and using these resources, you accept their terms and conditions of use and the fact that the resources regularly report usage statistics back to the Institute.

In short, you can redistribute and/or modify these resources to your heart’s content, but without any warranty (real or implied) about their merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Please contact us if you are intersted in becoming a full Certification partner.

Make sure you check back regularly to ensure you have the latest version of all resources!

xAPI (TinCan)

The TinCan version of these resources is fully integrated into OPEN, allowing you to remotely and automatically Certify your graduates as Certified Project Officers (CPO).

Please contact us to learn how.

Unit 1: Project Frameworks (Updated 10 March 2023)
Unit 2: Project Stakeholders (Updated 10 March 2023)
Unit 3: Choosing the Right Project (Updated 10 March 2023)
Unit 4: Project Communication (Updated 10 March 2023)
Unit 5: Requirements Analysis (Updated 10 March 2023)
Unit 6: Project Scheduling (Updated 10 March 2023)
Unit 7: Managing Project Risk (Updated 10 March 2023)
Unit 8: Other Project Plans (Updated 10 March 2023)
Unit 9: Managing Project Teams (Updated 10 March 2023)
Unit 10: Leading Projects (Updated 10 March 2023)
Unit 11: Managing Project Change (Updated 10 March 2023)
Unit 12: Closing Projects (Updated 10 March 2023)

Editorial comment and feedback is also welcome 🙂


The SCORM 1.2 version of these resources requires the establishment of a manual workflow to Certify your graduates.

These Units are typically updated at the same time as the equivalent xAPI Units.

Please contact us to learn how.

When integrating into your LRS, please note that each Unit is set up to track using 100% course completion (as opposed to a specific quiz result or user action).

Unit 1: Project Frameworks (download)
Unit 2: Project Stakeholders (download)
Unit 3: Choosing the Right Project (download)
Unit 4: Project Communication (download)
Unit 5: Requirements Analysis (download)
Unit 6: Project Scheduling (download)
Unit 7: Managing Project Risk (download)
Unit 8: Other Project Plans (download)
Unit 9: Managing Project Teams (download)
Unit 10: Leading Projects (download)
Unit 11: Managing Project Change (download)
Unit 12: Closing Projects (download)

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