About Angus

Angus Peacock is a Certified Project Trainer at DOL Coach. He has more than 20 years of international project management and executive experience, with some taking place in robust conditions and multicultural locations.

Significant highlights in Angus’ career include projects within international real estate, luxury hotels, governance, charitable and not for profit program development, sports events and tournaments, as well as corporate due diligence and investigations.

Overlaid with this background, since the Global Financial Crisis of 2009, Angus has been working in pedagogical environments, delivering accreditations and intentional learning opportunities through 1: 1 executive coaching, professional training, in person classes, online courses and physical team coaching.

What is the most interesting project is you’ve ever worked on?

Project lead for a supply chain and procurement fraud investigation, inside a foreign country for an international aircraft engine manufacturer.

What’s the one risk you never saw coming?

The company I was employed by did not legally exist in the country where their project was taking place.

Poor initiation by the owners meant that, despite due diligence reporting, they had not achieved even the basic legal requirements for business set up, rendering the project obsolete and my position illegal, from the outset.

How do you manage the good idea fairy?

Ask them how they see their idea being implemented within the framework of what we are trying to achieve. Try to get them to explain or draw out the steps for execution of their idea.

This is a methodology that I have used regularly to engage folks within a project rather than dismiss an idea – it helps them develop valuable skills and executive functioning without feeling the dismay of rejection.

How would you describe your personal communication style?

Open and engaging.

Communications is an ever evolving skill that is bigger than transmitting a message. Overtime I have learned to be a better communicator by learning other languages, understanding how different cultures interact, evolve relevant story telling skills and reflect on experiences to create empathy and understanding.

What advice would you give someone just starting out in project management?

Project management is an ongoing and engaging vocation with opportunities to develop multiple skills and gain knowledge in multi faceted environments.

You will be tested and challenged in many ways.

Project management brings a variety and excitement to your life that many business as usual opportunities cannot compare with.

Connect with Angus on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/coachangus/

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